Priority Support

2014-08-19_131431We Have Your Back.

Pelican’s osgEarth free open source SDK is a leading platform for mapping and visualization. But let’s be honest, there’s a lot of learning involved in crafting a geospatial-enabled application! Whether you are using osgEarth or other geospatial platforms, we’re here to help.

Priority Support is the best way to get peace of mind as you develop your own geospatial applications. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Private, e-mail based support tickets, tracked in our system
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Custom code examples
  • Code analysis and recommendations
  • Testing and evaluation to help you track down problems
  • Bug fixes to our open source software
  • Recommendations on best practices
  • General advice on anything geospatial!


Priority Support is USD 2,500 for 8 Support Tickets. Use them any way you choose!

Pelican will invoice you for the support price immediately. The Tickets expire after 180 days.

How it Works

Using Priority Support is easy:

  • Send an email to our special Priority Support email address.
  • Someone will respond within 24 hours and open a new support ticket.
  • Pelican engineers will spend a nominal amount of time (typically up to 4 labor hours) helping resolve your ticket.
  • If we determine that the request is too complex to resolve in short order, we will let you know and present options for moving ahead. This might mean applying additional tickets, or we may suggest a separate development effort if the scope warrants it.


Pelican intends Priority Support as a means by which our team will help you when doing the work yourself. We will provide consultation, code examples, and direction to your development team.

Priority Support is NOT intended as a general-purpose vehicle for contracting Pelican to build software components or to add features to osgEarth – if you wish to contract out development work to Pelican, we will perform a requirements analysis and provide a Fixed Price estimate under a separate agreement.

Additional Information

Here are a few more details about Priority Support.

  • Pelican does not perform training as part of Priority Support. If you are interested in on-site training services, please contact us for details.
  • Any addition or modification to the osgEarth SDK performed under a Priority Support agreement (or at any other time, for that matter) remains the sole property of Pelican under the license governing the osgEarth SDK. Likewise, any contributions to open source software maintained by a 3rd party is subject to that party’s licensing.
  • Support is conducted via direct email to our special Priority Support email address. We are also able to support Skype or GoToMeeting conferences as requested. We do not offer ad-hoc telephone support.

Please contact us today for additional details or if you are interested in Priority Support!