ReadyMap® Tiles

Worldwide Data for your App!

ReadyMap Tiles is a pre-tiled, worldwide collection of satellite imagery and elevation data that is ready for immediate use with your app!

Data preparation is a labor-intensive, expensive task. We can help. ReadyMap Tiles is a cost-effective, plug-and-play service for anyone who needs a worldwide base map without the cost and effort of becoming a GIS expert, sourcing data, and spending weeks or months creating a usable geospatial dataset.

Is it for you?

The ReadyMap Tiles dataset is a turn-key data solution for networked or disconnected environments.

ReadyMap Tiles is the perfect solution when you need to:

  • Use worldwide map tiles in a disconnected environment (no Internet access)
  • Distribute an embedded basemap with your product

Live Preview

Here is a preview of the worldwide imagery in ReadyMap Tiles. It’s a composite of visible-spectrum 15m Landsat data and 500m Blue Marble-NG data.

About the data

  • Imagery: Worldwide composite of UMD Global Land Cover Facility ETM+ data (up to 15m resolution over land) and NASA BlueMarble-NG data (~500m resolution in ocean areas). We applied our own custom image processing algorithms to transform the raw data into the visible spectrum. Each tile is a 256×256 image. Format = TMS/JPEG.
  • Elevation: Worldwide composite of SRTM height fields, a composite of CGIAR-CSI SRTM (up to 90m data over land) and SRTM 30+ bathymetric from UCSD (~1km resolution in ocean areas). Each tile is a 257×257 single-channel coverage grid with matching edges. Format = TMS/TIFF. (Note: this is NOT rasterized elevation imagery; it is real elevation posts.)
  • Data comes pre-tiled according to the Tile Map Service (TMS) specification up to level 13 (130+ million tiles)
  • Stored on a USB 3.0 external hard drive for plug-and-play operation with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
  • Dataset is ready to use by TMS-compliant software such as osgEarth, OpenLayers, Leaflet, etc. either behind a simple HTTP server or straight from disk.


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Terms & Conditions

To use this dataset, we require that you:

  • Agree to never make the data publicly available in any way
  • Agree to only redistribute the data as an integrated component of another software system
  • Agree not to resell the data outside the context of an integrated system
  • Agree to abide by any attribution or other legal requirements imposed by the originators of the source data components

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