Geospatial Software Development


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We apply a wide variety leading-edge gaming and visualization technology to design and build beautiful applications for clients in the education, media, and training markets worldwide.


Pelican is the expert at building desktop geospatial apps that leverage the open source OpenSceneGraph 3D visualization engine. In fact, we maintain the #1 geospatial SDK that runs on top of it, called osgEarth; a fully-featured toolkit for displaying GIS and real time data together on a 3D globe. Applications using osgEarth can run on Windows, OSX, or Linux systems equipped with a modern graphics card.

CEF * Chrome Apps * C#/.NET/WinForms * Qt

Web and Mobile

For web applications we leverage state-of-the-art open source technology like WebGL, Cesium, OpenLayers, Leaflet and others to create a thin-client web experience that can be centrally managed. We also use so-called hybrid techniques like Chrome Apps to combine the ease of a web app with the large data requirements of a geospatial system.

Django * Backbone * Angular * React * Node.js * Android * iOS

Commitment to Open Source

We embrace open source software technologies in every project we take on. In addition to our own open source geospatial toolkit, osgEarth, we leverage all manner of FOSS SDKs and data when building cutting-edge geospatial systems.

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We will work together to gather requirements and develop a scope of work, and then present a fixed price estimate for the project. Naturally, every project is different and requires us to gather as much information as possible. So please don’t hesitate to contact us to start the conversation!